Ethnic skin and hair (書籍, 2007) [Alabama State University Library]
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ジャンル/形式: Cross-cultural studies
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Enzo Berardesca; Jean-Luc Leveque; Howard I Maibach
ISBN: 0849330882 9780849330889
OCLC No.: 70218017
物理形態: xii, 269 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
コンテンツ: 1. Anthropology of skin colors / Aldo Morrone --
2. Biophysical properties of ethnic skin / Grazia Primavera and Enzo Berardesca --
3. Light penetration and melanin content in ethnic skin / Nikiforos Kollias and Paulo R. Bargo --
4. Photoreactivity of ethnic skin / Giovanni Leone and Alessia Pacifico --
5. Hair anthropology / Leszek J. Wolfram, E. Dika and Howard I. Maibach --
6. transverse dimensions of human head hair / J. Alan Swift --
7. Influence of ethnic origin of hair on water-Keratin interaction / Alain Franbourg, Frederic Leroy, Marielle Escoubes and Jean-Luc Leveque --
8. age-dependent changes in skin condition in ethnic populations from around the world / Greg G. Hillebrand, Mark J. Levine and Kukizo Miyamoto --
9. Update on racial differences in susceptibility to skin irritation and allergy / Michael K. Robinson --
10. Ethnic itch / Daniela A. Guzman-Sanchez, Christopher Yelverton and Gil Yosipovitch --
11. Age-related changes in skin microtopography : a comparison between Caucasian and Japanese women / Sophie Gardinier, Hassan Zahouani, Christiane Guinot and Erwin Tschachler --
12. Inter- and intraethnic differences in skin micro relief as a function of age and site / Stephane Diridollu, Jean de Rigal, Bernard Querleux, Therese Baldeweck, Dominique Batisse, Isabelle Des Mazis, Grace Yang, Frederic Leroy and Victoria Holloway Barbosa --
13. Stratum corneum lipids and water holding capacity : comparison between Caucasians, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians / Alessandra Pelosi, Enzo Berardesca, Joachim W. Fluhr, Philip Wertz, Jocelia Lago Jansen, Angela Anigbogu, Tseng-Fang Tsai and Howard I. Maibach --
14. impact of skin disease in "ethnic" skin / Gary J. Brauner --
15. Acne and scarring / Andrew F. Alexis and Susan C. Taylor 16. Black skin cosmetics : specific skin and hair problems of African Americans and cosmetic approaches for their treatment / Christian Oresajo and Sreekumar Pillai --
17. Ethnical aspects of skin pigmentation / Olivier de Lacharriere and Rainer Schmidt --
18. Sensitive skin --
an ethnic overview / Olivier de Lacharriere --
19. Diversity of hair growth parameters / Genevieve Loussouarn.
シリーズタイトル: Dermatology (Informa Healthcare), 28.
責任者: edited by Enzo Berardesca, Jean-Luc Lévêque, Howard I. Maibach.
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