Innovative medicine : basic research and development (圖書, 2015) [Alabama State University Library]
Innovative medicine : basic research and development 線上預覽

Innovative medicine : basic research and development

作者: Kazuwa Nakao; Nagahiro Minato; Shinji Uemoto
出版商: Tokyo : Springer, ©2015.
版本/格式:   打印圖書 : 會議刊物 : 英語所有版本和格式的總覽
This book is devoted to innovative medicine, comprising the proceedings of the Uehara Memorial Foundation Symposium 2014. It remains extremely rare for the findings of basic research to be developed into clinical applications, and it takes a long time for the process to be achieved. The task of advancing the development of basic research into clinical reality lies with translational science, yet the field seems to  再讀一些...
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類型/形式: Congress
Conference papers and proceedings
資料類型: 會議刊物, 網際網路資源
文件類型 圖書, 網際網路資源
所有的作者/貢獻者: Kazuwa Nakao; Nagahiro Minato; Shinji Uemoto
ISBN: 9784431556503 4431556508
OCLC系統控制編碼: 906657979
註釋: Proceedings from the Uehara Memorial Foundation Symposium held in Tokyo, 15-17 June, 2014.
描述: ix, 339 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
内容: Part I Basic Research for Innovative Medicine --
1. Diverting Glycolysis to Combat Oxidative Stress --
2. Metabolic Regulation by Nuclear Receptors --
3. Fighting Fire with Fire in Cancer --
4. Linear Polyubiquitination: a Crucial Regulator of NF-kB Activation --
5. VCP, a major ATPase in the cells, as a novel drug target for currently incurable disorders --
6. Roles of E-cadherin in hepatocarcinogenesis --
7. The Hippo Signaling Pathway: A Candidate New Drug Target for Malignant Tumors --
8. Inhibitory immunoreceptors on mast cells in allergy and inflammation --
9. Doxycycline-inducible Autoimmune Blistering Skin Disease Model --
10. T-cell Senescence and Autoimmunity --
Part II Translational Research for Innovative Medicine --
11. IL-6: A new era for the treatment of autoimmune inflammatory diseases --
12. Pathogenesis of Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Its Potential Therapeutic Strategies --
13. Multifaceted translational approach of major mental illness --
14. Translational research of leptin in lipodystrophy and its related diseases --
15. Translational research of the activation of the C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP)-guanylyl cyclase-B pathway for skeletal dysplasia --
16. Clarity and Challenges in Tissue Fibrosis --
17. TRP Channels: Their Function and Potentiality as Drug Targets --
18. Autophagic Cell Death and Cancer Chemotherapeutics --
19. Adrenomedullin as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Refractory Ulcerative Colitis --
20. RNA activation --
Part III New Technology for Innovative Medicine --
21. Cardiac Reprogramming for Heart Repair --
22. Development of a new in vivo optical probe for biological diagnosis and therapy --
23. Introduction of mesenchymal stem cells for liver surgery (hepatectomy and transplantation) --
24. Synaptic and axonal plasticity induction in the human cerebral cortex --
25. TIM-3 is a novel therapeutic target for eradicating acute myelogenous leukemia stem cells --
26. TGF-beta LAP degradation products, a novel biomarker and promising therapeutic target for liver fibrogenesis --
27. Cell-based regenerative therapy for liver disease.
責任: Kazuwa Nakao, Nagahiro Minato, Shinji Uemoto, editors.


This book is devoted to innovative medicine, comprising the proceedings of the Uehara Memorial Foundation Symposium 2014. The first part is basic research for innovative medicine, the second is  再讀一些...
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