Working in your major : how to find a job when you graduate (Buch, 2012) [Alabama State University Library]
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Working in your major : how to find a job when you graduate

Autor: Mary E Ghilani
Verlag: Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, ©2012.
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In today's job market, competition for available positions is fierce: new graduates are competing with seasoned workers for jobs that used to be reserved for entry-level employees. Candidates must be adept at seeking out the right opportunities and be able to market themselves effectively to land the job. This book tackles the daunting problem faced by many new grads: successfully finding a job in their area of  Weiterlesen…
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Gattung/Form: Nonfiction
Dokumenttyp Buch
Alle Autoren: Mary E Ghilani
ISBN: 9781440803116 1440803110 9781440828775 1440828776
OCLC-Nummer: 768800264
Beschreibung: xi, 234 pages ; 25 cm
Inhalt: Job search 101 --
Tell me about yourself --
Create a results-based, value-added resume --
Where to look for job openings --
The importance of social networking --
What employers are looking for in your major --
A word about professionalism --
Be prepared for the interview --
Interview like a pro --
Choosing the right job offer --
What to do when you can't find a job --
Surviving your first year on the job --
Ensuring marketability in the future --
Appendix A: Sample resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn summaries --
Appendix B: Sample job titles and potential employers --
Appendix C: Sample interview questions (by major) --
Appendix D: Job search-related websites.
Verfasserangabe: Mary E. Ghilani.


This guidebook contains what every college graduate needs to know to find a good job in their major, and it provides sound advice on establishing a professional identity, surviving the critical first  Weiterlesen…
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"Ghilani's tone is cordial and optimistic, and she utilizes personal pronouns and uncomplicated language as if conversing with the reader. . . . The book's usefulness extends beyond college students Weiterlesen…



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